JLG Pewter Craft

Based in the seaside town of Troon, JLG Pewter Craft started 10 years ago as nothing more than a hobby. After attending my first Silver Jewellery night class my hobby grew in to a passion. Later expanding from jewellery to larger scale metalworks made from copper and pewter, JLG Pewter Craft offers a wide variety of products.

Pewter Repousse

Each piece is made entirely by hand and therefore has its own individual qualities. I start with a piece of high quality lead free sheet pewter. The metal is carefully worked and sculpted from the back and front using various tools to bring out the 3 dimensional design. The technique is known as repoussé, which means to push the metal. Once satisfied with the design it is filled from behind to give strength to the metal and then the metal is carefully patinated. After much polishing the design becomes beautifully highlighted and it is ready for mounting and framing.

The Inspiration

A lot of my inspiration comes from my love of Troon where I live and work. The sea and coastal influences can be found in many of the pieces. Another influence which has a strong presence in my work is Art Nouveau design. The celtic designs make a bold statement and look striking in the repousse technique.


A Special Touch

All of the pieces are one-off items and if you can’t find the item you want for sale on the website then let me know and I can create a piece which is close to the original. If you have an idea of a unique design you would like me to create, please get in touch.

All the metal work can be individualised for a special gift and can be worked in copper rather than pewter if you prefer the warm tones of copper.  Wedding, anniversary dates or initials can be incorporated into the designs as well.

How To Purchase

I display my work at local craft fairs in Troon, and some larger fairs in Glasgow. Dates and locations of these craft fairs will be posted on my blog and social media sites. You can make purchases securely through this website and if you have any questions regarding your order or personalisation requests please either contact me through the contact page form or email me directly at jlgpewtercraft@gmail.com.

The Artist

I am Judith, the owner of JLG Pewter Craft and the sole artist. I am a working mother and create my art from my home in the beautiful coastal town of Troon, Scotland. Every piece is designed and created by myself therefore I only produce a limited number of designs per year. I am passionate about my craft and customers ensuring each piece is created to the highest quality. I am happy to discuss designs and answer any questions you may have about my products. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.